Western Dressage Association® of Texas will be reorganizing for 2013. If you are interested in assisting with this process…

Please contact WDAA Staff: AnnMarie Brockhouse or Deirdre Davenport at Affiliates@WesternDressageAssociation.org

The goal of WDATX is to ultimately “show the versatility of the Western horse.” The mission of WDATX is to educate and refine your skills as a rider by combining traditional Western riding techniques with Classical Dressage. In doing so, you will be honoring your horse by showing him how he can be ridden in a balanced posture, therefore keeping him sound, flexible and agile.

WDATX is open to all levels and to all breeds. There are no prerequisites on the skill level you may have as rider, or how green or advanced your mount might be. All are welcome. Everyone will benefit.

Educational resources and competitions for every level will be made available to members. Participants may be assured of an atmosphere that is inviting and non-intimidating.